We will sometimes send patients for spinal injections. Usually this is an epidural steroid injection (ESI). An epidural steroid injection delivers a high dose anti-inflammatory medication directly to the area of the spine where we suspect that the nerve pain is originating. This can involve a single injection or up to three injections over several months. Usually these injections will be done by a pain management doctor, a rehabilitation doctor, or a radiologist. Sometimes a facet joint injection is done when we suspect a facet joint arthritis condition. A variant on the facet injection is called radiofrequency facet ablation (RFA). A selective nerve root block (SNRB) is a diagnostic test that can help us localize exactly which is the painful nerve level. Injections are sometimes quite helpful in getting a patient some pain relief which will then allow them to be more active or do some physical therapy. The natural history of many disc herniations is good, and an injection can often allow the patient to get past the worst symptoms while the body goes about the process of healing.