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Dr. Manning spent a great deal of his childhood in the pool as a competitive swimmer. After graduating high school, he was appointed to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. At the Academy, he studied Engineering and was a varsity swimmer and water polo player. Following graduation from the Academy, he entered US Navy SEAL Training in Coronado, California. He served with distinction within the SEAL Teams, deploying to the Persian Gulf in 1991, piloting wet mini-submersibles and serving as commander of the Navy’s Demonstration Parachute Team. After the Navy, Dr. Manning entered medical training, earning combined MD and PhD degrees. He did his PhD research in the lab of Professor David Kranz at the University of Illinois working on T cell immunology. He graduated from the University of Chicago with an MD degree in 2000. Dr. Manning completed neurosurgical residency at the University of Washington in Seattle under the guidance of Dr. Richard Winn and Dr. Richard Ellenbogen. He spent a year in the United Kingdom in 2004 as senior registrar in neurosurgery at Atkinson Morley Hospital in Wimbledon, where he trained under Mr. Henry Marsh and Mr. Francis Johnston. During his neurosurgical residency he also completed a fellowship in spinal surgery under Dr. Jens Chapman of the University of Washington, Department of Orthopedics. In 2007, Dr. Manning and his family moved to Boise to take up neurosurgical practice, joining Neuroscience Associates. Dr. Manning is board certified with the American Board of Neurological Surgeons. Dr. Manning and his wife have three children, a daughter and two sons, who each graduated from Boise High School and are now all away at college or graduate school. The family enjoys skiing in the winter, sports year round, and upland bird hunting in the fall with their Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, Archie and Millie.